Dirty Laundry on Daily Express

What a surprise. Our dirty laundry appeared on page 2 of Daily Express. It was not good news reporting at all. “A Bishop in Sabah is under investigation…” Which bishop? From Basel, Catholic, Anglican…we are not the only ones who has a Bishop you know. Now the entire Christian community is dragged into this mud fest.

Watch out for tomorrow’s newspaper. I am certain the Christian community will respond to today’s news report. I predict brisk sales for newspaper in the next few days.



  1. Kenneth Chia

    In fact The daily Express already implied it is Anglican Church when it mention ” Episcopal ” in the Article which mean Anglican too .

  2. cheang

    Don’t blame Daily Express. News is news is par for the course. A newspaper’s place in the community is to let the community talk to itself. We are living in an increasingly interconnected world. I don’t think bishops of other denominations are dragged into the mud.
    Not intending to prejudge, but men and women of the cloth are just as human as anyone of us. why should we put them as if they cannot be tempted to sin.
    “Turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of the world will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” Why the conventional compass is not as reliable is because metals around its magnetic field is disturbing its needle, thus the true north is not pointing to its right direction.
    Problem is too many churches are using world standard to judge God’s blessings. Getting too worldly and mistaken for godliness.He cares for the least among us. But when attending a church 5-star dinner celebration could cost a bomb for a family?
    didn’t Christ warn, “Prostitutes and tax collectors are getting ahead of you in the Kingdom”?

    • thetruthasc

      Good theology. Agree with you fully.

      I only wished the news report had pinned point the alleged Bishop’s identity so it’s accurate, and does not confuse the public. Yesterday’s report caused people to speculate the Bishop’s identity. People outside the Anglican community may not know it’s referring to our Bishop. Thus my argument the Christian community is dragged through the mud.

      I also wish Daily Express had tried to get the Bishop or the diocese to comment. At least they get to tell their side/version of the story. Will be curious to see what if there are any follow up reports today.

      • samtheprophet

        Obviously the piece was not written by a reporter, but by disgruntled parishioner with connections to the tabloid.
        It was a bad piece of ‘reporting’.
        It was not signed off by any reporter.

        If one read the piece carefully, much of the details are found as in the blog.

      • thetruthasc

        I would be careful to jump to such conclusion. There are many stories on newspaper without a credit to the author. The editor is still responsible for this story.

      • cheang

        Newspapers operate on a tight deadline. Its up to the Bishop’s office to clarify or give their side of the story.
        we had read about bogus monks being reported, but Buddhists don’t make a big issue about it or say it tarnish Buddhism. In fact they are happy such scams are exposed to warn the public from being conned.
        As for the Bishops of other denominations, the ball is also at their feet to deny that they are not involved in the controversy if they wish to.

  3. Kenneth Chia

    The Word ” Episcopal ” Refer to ” Anglican ” , In United States of America , Anglican Church is Known as Episcopal church , also in certain part of Europe and some countries like Taiwan , Honduras . Columbia ,Ecuador, Haiti , Venezuela …etc. e.g St. Mark Episcopal Church., St. Gabriel Episcopal church. So does mean a denomination ! The Author of the article in the Daily Express doesn’t want to be so straight forward so he/she choose to the word ” Episcopal ” instead of ” Anglican ” Please read the Link ” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Episcopal_Church_(United_States)

  4. Anonymous

    Journalism is about reporting. Good journalism is covering the facts impartially leaving the opinion to the public. Selective journalism is releasing news according to the journalist’s will. What we have here is Selective Journalism but reported in a good way without being biased or opinionated. Nothing wrong with that.
    What made the editor and his team to select this piece of news to be published in bold prints and on the second page is anyone’s guess but I am sure a lot of thoughts have been given before putting into print. It must have been well researched on why this event came to being and what possible outcome will it eventuate. Albeit, the tactics of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., there are usually many sources of information to compile one story since the exposure to litigation will be one of the main considerations.
    All I can say is that this piece of news will be followed with interest by the public. The allegations in question may be difficult to dismiss in totality and therefore the burden of proof will be on the back of the accused, if at all possible. An uphill battle for this first round. The lynch mob will not let up until justice is served.

    • Dr. Richard B. Barrow

      I agree with Cheang and Anonymous on this issue. It seems to me that the reporter wanted to be circumspect. How do we know whether he/she did not try to get further information by telephoning the church? As was said, almost all the content can be for on this blog site. The topic must have been adjudged newsworthy by the editor … hence its inclusion as news. After all, what has been written up on the internet about matters in ASC, has been open to the public since last October … only now it has appeared in the printed media!

  5. cheang

    Anon 7.27pm, if the paper refuses the bishop’s right to reply, then you can call it selective journalism. If you are a working reporter, you will realise that it’s next to impossible to write a perfect story on the same day with both sides of the argument.
    The next best thing is to publish one side first without prejudice but well substantiated. Then you wait for the other side to react.
    Bear in mind that there are many issues fighting for attention in the newspaper. You have to get them out fast and accurate. Remember, news has a shelf-life of only one day.

  6. cheang

    Datuk Albert Vun is unlikely to react to the story about him as a defensive move to keep a tight lid of the issue from imploding. But if the allegations are a pack of lies, he should be interested to clear his name, if not the diocese, because the faith of the faithful is at stake.
    Many Christians are of the view that hanging out dirty linen in public of the abuses in the church is out of bound territory. Doing so is putting God on public trial.
    Another reason is the fear of touching “God’s annointed”, ref to David sparing Saul’s life. That’s why the clergy can get away with a lot of things. General sympathy is always on their side.
    But I see church as a religion by itself. Though labelled Christian, the faith is on the institution rather than Christ. Religion is about (written and unwritten) rules, but faith is about life — the way we live out our lives.
    Churchspeak — church people are so conditioned to express themselves in a way to be accepted. Their conversation is full of cliches. My habit is to challenge them to say what they mean and mean what they say.
    I had come across many who told me that I should be in my Sunday’s best clothes to go to church because if i am going to meet the Agong, I would have to be properly attired. Can we equate earthly king with the God of grace? Didn’t Apostle Paul advise us to clothe ourselves with righteousness?

  7. cheang

    Dear thetruthasc, Actually, am more than grateful to you for providing a platform to reveal the inconvenient truth. Visiting your site is a catharsis exercise for me.
    Although I don’t expect perfection in the church, I hardly find grace there. By being me, I don’t want to be what I am not. So I find myself a square in a round hole.
    I am still a Christian, though unchurch by choice. Not by strength, but because Christ is the finisher of our faith.
    Thank you again, thetruthasc.

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